Despite the fact that I tend to lean towards a sort of cynicism that would directly indicate I hate people in general, sometimes that's just not the case. A lot of times, I have such hope and love for people. The soul of an idealist still lingers somewhere inside my brain.

That day in September five years ago might have had something to do with that feeling coming up in me again. The way we all came together as Americans, as New Yorkers, to pick ourselves up and to heal our wounds. There are some wounds that will never heal.

I just wanted to post a message, for myself, for anyone who will listen, in hopes that we all start to heal a little bit more.

Their plan failed. We're not running from them; we're running at them.

Peace, love & understanding....


Meeting Bruce Campbell

I've got a bunch of heroes. Martin Scorsese. John Frankenheimer. Shane Black. But there are heroes that don't always resonate with the public. Like Bruce Campbell. He is "Ash" from the "Evil Dead" trilogy.

Recently, my brother text messaged me with great excitement. Most text messages are generally ambiguous, but when it comes to my brother, I can tell. Especially when it comes to something like meeting Bruce Campbell.

So, my brother texts me and tells me, "I'm going to meet Bruce Campbell." I'm in Texas; he's in Buffalo. I'm just as excited as he is.

A few days later, he calls me and tells me all about the book signing and his long conversation with Bruce. I say long because my kid brother, my blood, got me three different books, all autographed by Bruce. And during this time of signing, he had a very cool conversation with him.

I'm not gonna go into the whole thing here, but I will say this. During the conversation, Bruce shared something with him which he prefaced with, "Here's some trivia.."

Apparently, Bruce was persuaded to write his first book, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor" by the "PC Guy" from the current Apple advertisements. The "PC Guy" is named John Hodgman and according to Bruce, was the reason for his first novel. Hodgman is a published author (Areas of My Expertise) and a contributor to both the New York Times Magazine and the Daily Show w/John Stewart. How's that for interesting. My brother also mentioned that he worked for Apple. Bruce followed that up with a comment about how he knew all these movie makers, since he was in the "business", and he was the only "idiot" still using a PC.

From the entire conversation, Bruce Campbell sounded just like I'd always hoped he'd be like. What's more, this was his first book signing tour and he still managed to take pictures and sign things that weren't his book. He is and will continue to be one of my heroes and inspirations.


Plush Toy Holocaust

I take the freeway to work most days. Unless there's lots of time to kill and then I take the scenic route.

Most of the ride to downtown is relatively uneventful. But yesterday's ride was cute, yet gruesome.

As I finalize my approach into downtown, I ease over to the lane that leads to my exit. As I did that, I found there were dozens of plush toy carcasses all along the shoulder of the freeway. Dozens of 'em. Well, some of them were just parts of bears or monkeys or clowns. Others lay face down in pools of rain water. They were spread out over 30 or 40 feet.

I'm going to get a picture of it tomorrow. It's too odd to fully describe and too strange not to have a picture of it.

There's an orphanage somewhere with a bunch of crying kids.


Suri Cruise: Tom's Pride & Joy

Suri Cruise is a very special child. This picture obtained by very special, confidential sources is obvious proof. How dare anyone say Cruise was lying about having a child? Just look at this face. How could anyone make something like this up? Obviously, everyone else is lying.

At least, that's what the baby's casting agents tell everyone. Casting for Cruise's Baby must be taking forever.

I look at this photo and I'm afraid. Very afraid.


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