Always the same load of crap...Always

So I stopped at WalMart last night to pick up some cereal, milk and toilet paper. Its always a gamble going in after 11 pm. They never have enough lanes open and you end up standing in line for 20 or 30 minutes.

I didn't bother looking around to see if that was the case when I walked in. I just went and got my items and then made my way to the register. And of course, there would be three lanes open, all with gobs and gobs of people in them, each of them with a dozen or so items.

The lane where you can buy cigarettes is usually for people with 10 items or less, so I went over and stood in line.

Immediately, I noticed something. I noticed the half dozen or so workers huddled together in front of the Customer Service center, which is closed after 9 pm, I think. They just stood there, talking and pointing at shit. Enter: Exhibit A.

Standing around.

Now, you'll notice that there's a guy leaning on a shopping cart. This guy works there. A few minutes later, as the lines persist, that same group suddenly starts to move. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was taking pictures or if they just decided to move so's not to attract too much attention. Regardless, they scattered like roaches when the lights come on.

Now I'd have just let it rest there, but then the morons did something dumber. The opened another register. But it wasn't for the customers. It was for the guy leaning on the cart. Apparently, he had some movies or video games he wanted to buy. They didn't even turn on the lane light so's not to attract too much attention. But I was still snapping way. Enter: Exhibit B.

Open lane and being watched.

By now, they clearly noticed I was taking pictures. If you look at the two women on the left, they're looking right at me. The register on the right, 14, is being used to ring up employees. No sooner did I snap the picture than one of the two women watching me walk over to register 14, say something to the cashier and then come over to the lane I was in and asked:

"Are you buying tabacco?" she asked.
"No." several of us reply.
"Then you can check out here." she said pointing to register 14.

Like I said, I have no idea if it was the fact that I was taking pictures or what, but come on! You have a line of people who have four items at best and we all gotta be standing around for 20 minutes to get our 4 items? Shit...



I don't know if it's the past experiences I've had with the holidays or if it's because my life is in flux right now that I'm feeling a little bitter towards the holidays.

I was listening to some Christmas music on the way to the office when I pulled up to a bearded, homeless man with a sign asking for money. "Anything helps." I felt bad for him. Normally, after looking at someone like that, I'd just look away and go about my business. But for a split second, I felt sorry that it was cold and that he was homeless.

I drive up to the house and look around my neighborhood to find that a lot of the houses have actually put up lights this year. I keep meaning to and wonder if its even worth doing now.

Its just such a weird time for me that this time of year is getting on my nerves again, like it did way back when.

I'm feeling a bit like Scrooge right now. I can't explain it. Just figured I'd write about it.


Foreign Trade

When I lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, one of my go-to food choices was always Chinese. There was a big Asian community and lots of different styles of Chinese food to pick from.

On several occasions, I noticed that there were an awful lot of Mexicans working in Chinese buffets all over town. I pointed this out to my friends and we'd laugh because sometimes you would find Asians working in Mexican restaurants, although not always in the kitchen.

I often thought, man, what a cultural exchange program they got going.

Then I saw this story on one of my favorite websites:

'Chinese' tequila worries Mexico

Chinese tequila? Holy crap.


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