Spurs rise to the challenge.

Tim Duncan victorious
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My first year and I already live in an NBA Championship city. San Antonio shakes off the pressure to defeat Detroit in Game 7, 81-74. Rock on Spurs, rock on.

Show a bit of self-restraint, why don't ya?!?

I've been clicking about, reading through other blogs on this site. I've found some pretty interesting stuff. And even though I've just begun, I'm already noticing something about my own blogs. I'm exercising enormous restraint.

If you'd ever read some of the rants I use to send via email to some of my friends, you'd understand. I've tried to keep my wits about me, be a little more...thoughtful about things. Reader friendly. Kid safe. My wife sent a link to this page to some friends and maybe even my mother-in-law. I sort of felt obligated to make it sanitary.

The reality is this: I'm a fucking lunatic. Sometimes a little too passionate for my own good.

I've been holding back. I tend to do that. I'm trying to change some things in my life right now and holding back here would just further complicate the problem. When I write, I work best unchained.

I've got thoughts brewing now. Get ready.


"Can I take your order?"

I've noticed lately, as I amble through the common feeder lines at any one of the fast food chains near my castle, that there are more menus for you to inspect before ordering. The drive-thrus, especially, have the pre-menu menu that you can browse before driving up to the mic.
A fast food menu, by design, is for reference purposes only. I mean, you aren't gonna go to McDonald's and order a Whopper. Well, if you're some kinda prankster, sure. And more often than not, you go into a specific restaurant for a specific item. Fast food menus rarely feature something so exotic or different. I go to McDonald's for the french fries. Very crispy. Dairy Queen boasts the dip cone, which has the tastiest soft serve ice cream. Whataburger, for you Texans, has a quality hamburger. Smothered in jalapeƱos and cheese, a Whataburger can't be beat. I think most people crave something specific from any one of the hundreds upon thousands of fast food franchises in America.
But what just chaps my ass is these people who refuse to think about what they want until they get to the window. Especially when they're ordering for their entire brood.
"Uh, yeah, uh, let me have a...6 piece nuggets, no wait, a No. 2...Bobby, what do you want?" They blather on and on with no apparent end.
Meanwhile, you're sitting back in your car watching them squint to read the menu. You don't really have to read it. You just scan it. Shit, most menus have pictures. The strain on the noodle is light, at best.
"Yeah, and uh, let me have...Kelly, what do you want?"
Ugh! Is it too much trouble to plan before you get there? My wife likes to plan. She's huge on planning. If we're going out to a fast food joint, she usually knows what she wants before she gets to the squack box. Can it be that difficult?
Same thing with walk ups. Can you please scan the menu while the guy in front of your orders his food? Don't get up there and then go, "Uh..." Exercise your mellon and scan the menu for something to eat!
I hate being so hungry that my stomach is eating itself and the lady in front of me is ordering for her four screaming kids who are running circles around her while she mutters, "Billy, what do you want to eat?" Just order Billy something with no veggies and with a toy, lady. She continues to read the menu and spits out a word or two in between the 'uh's. Five minutes later, the order is complete. By then, I'm ready to eat 40 ketchup packets and stail french fries.
Really, people, the menu is for reference. If you're looking for something to read, hit Barnes & Noble.

This may not be the sort of image people might want to see right now, but it was who Dave Weber was. He was fun. Most people remember his loud outbursts and how he could curse up a storm. Often, when you would bust his balls, he could be seen giving you the salute. He was a good guy and a good friend. Posted by Hello

I felt like I should post a few images of Dave Weber. There was a fire in this man that I thought would burn for many more years. I guess this is my attempt at keeping a candle lit in his honor. This picture was taken on June 17, 2003, during our daily budget meetings for the other zones that we built. Posted by Hello

I captured a lot of images during my time in Fort Smith, AR. I use to love to get designers while they were working. Sometimes I walked up to them, other times I would set up a shot when they didn't know they were being photographed. This is one of those stolen moments. Dave was in a zone. He was one of a kind. Posted by Hello

Writer loses words

Last night, my little brother, Vinny, called to tell me that one of the people I use to work with had died. Dave Weber had a heart attack sometime yesterday. I was at home, grilling with Fred, Bob and a few others when Tonya answered my phone. I could hardly believe it.
The reality of it faded in and out. Even after I woke up this morning, the feeling didn't completely register. I recall him being on some of the video I'd take from time to time at the office in Fort Smith. And then there are the pictures. I did several desktops for his computer. "Being Dave Weber" was my favorite along with the picture of Ali punching him in the head.
I don't know all of his history, but I do know that he was once a preacher. You could tell from the force of his voice and the way he spoke that when he was on the pulpit, there was no stopping him. From journalist, to preacher and back to journalist. What a change.
We'd talk, from time to time, when we'd go down to have a cigarette. He was always a fun guy with interesting things to say and a good sense of humor.
Several years ago, we resurrected Weberfest, a party that was held when he was working and couldn't make it, in his honor. Of course, we continued the tradition and held it when he couldn't show up. I even made a trailer for the party.
He was a good man who loved his family and cared about his work. He was always cordial and enjoyed a good joke. I can't believe he's gone.

Even though I didn't get to know you but for a brief time, thank you for sharing your life with me, Dave. You'll be missed.


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