So This Is Christmas, Part II

After what I assumed would be an easier task, I finally found a web site that would allow me to store the Christmas album. Click here:

Some Christmas, Somewhere

If I get enough emails or people bug me enough, I might just post the set list on this blog.

I'm still working on the cover to the album, but I wanted to get the posting up as soon as I could.

I also plan to upload another Christmas compilation in a couple of days. I just need to go through all my downloaded music. This one will be a little more traditional.

If there are any problems downloading the file, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

Merry Christmas!

So This Is Christmas, Part 1

Okay, for all of you who received the email about the new Christmas album... I'm sorry. I had a lot to do this weekend and then I had problems uploading it to the site I had originally picked out.

I'll be working on this tomorrow, so please check back soon. I promise it will be waiting.



Altered States

So, I'm watching TV and one of those commercials from This teenage girl walks into the kitchen to get something to eat when suddenly she hears someone call her name.

It turns out to be her dog, who then proceeds to sit on the counter and tell her that he doesn't like it when she smokes pot. "I miss my friend." he says.

What the fuck was she smoking that the fucking dog was talking? A talking dog. Get me some of that.


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