Merry Christmas, Part 1

The Wife said she remembered hearing me talk about these. I fucking love this woman.

Gettin' Outta Hand

Xray of my right hand. I feel so exposed.

All the cat toys & he plays with a folding chair leg

Pacers go home losers.

Guess who's going to the game tonight?

Cat-chin a ride

Call us cat whisperers. We've adopted a young stray who we have yet to name.

She's back!

Father-in-law helped me get my Infinity running! Now for tags & inspection.

Burger Boy

Live this place. Quick & tasty.

Parking Lot on I-10

I hate SA drivers.

My Lonely Little Blog

I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd add something to my blog. I feel sleep coming now. I promise I'll be back with more and more frequently. Night!


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