Open Letter to whoever had my cell number last

Dear Kelly,

Why the fuck did you give out my number? Whether it was your number before means nothing to me. Especially now that I receive your phone calls.

“Kelly?” they ask.
“You have the wrong number.” I say.
“Is Kelly there?”

Kelly, are you just lazy? Or are all your friends a bunch of fucking morons? I mean, really. They call the number time and time again. Sometimes two times in a row and are still surprised by the result.

Are your friends stupid, Kelly?

I get calls from bill collectors. From friends. Well, I can only assume they are bill collectors or friends. I don’t stop to take a message, but maybe I should. Maybe I should start to take a message and start compiling a file on who the fuck you are. And then maybe I can find you, kick your ass and tell you to tell all your idiot friends to change the number they keep calling. It’s mine now, Kelly.

I know it’s hard to let go. But come on. I’ve received your calls now for nearly two years and your idiot acquaintances are still calling.

“Is Kelly there?”
“Hey, it’s me...uh, is this Kelly?”

GFY, Kelly. GFY.


Long Pause

Man, I sure do wait long to post. I'm trying to get myself into a better habit of blogging. Not much sense in having a blog if I can't keep up with it.

As a writer, I try to get myself to write something everyday. Lately, it seems I haven't even touched a keyboard or a notebook. Before I ventured into blog land, I would write my posts as emails and send them out to a select few. Now that I have the potential for a bigger audience, albeit a faceless one, I don't do much. I'm slacking. I'm such a procrastinator. Sadly, it affects all part of my life.

A writer should write. Everyday. Anything he/she can. About anything. Anywhere.

I'll get my ass in gear.


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