C Is for Cookie

Waiting on my pages today, I find myself on one of my favorite sites, Neatorama, and discover one of my favorite childhood characters, Cookie Monster. And he's being interviewed on NPR.

Cookie Monster "In Character" Make sure you watch the video interview!

I don't know what it is about that Muppet, but he still makes me laugh. I recall so many wonderful days laughing my ass off in front of the televsion when I was a kid. Something about him still manages to tickle my inner child. I loved being a kid.

If you ever watched Sesame Street, you know what I'm talking about. As I read the posting, this made me smile:

"It was later, on a Muppet game show, that the cookie-fixated creature we know emerged, Oz says. The winning contestant was offered the chance to choose a prize: a vacation, a new house, $10,000 cash, or a cookie. He chose the cookie — and the Cookie Monster was born.

"As opposed to many of us who need many things to try and make us happy, he only needs one thing, and that's a cookie," Oz says. "That is his one obsession, and he's insatiable."

Mmmm, cookie.


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